The Justin Bieber Positive Paradise Position

By Walt Walton.

For Jonty Tiplady.

To live forever in the twin towers rebuilt
by a small squirrel recieving a blow job from a lonely

2 thoughts on “The Justin Bieber Positive Paradise Position

  1. for Walt Walton

    O to my dollars on from staten island ferry, to think
    of the shooners & flood-tide approaching pier 52
    & all those cleared of the beautiful homeless, indeterminate
    & homosexuals major giuliani spurned, replaced

    by walking routes of show dogs O, O what quality of life
    I shall hereon dream of? O for E’Burgh & its scraperless sky
    where squirrels red squirrel their squirrel nuts
    whom I will not speak of in frivolous tones
    away from lonesome apples of glass &&&
    the ground of capital’s own zero-point

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